Thursday, April 12, 2012

Honeymoon, Bora Bora

Our Honeymoon has had a rough start. Although some things have been a slight bummer all we can really do is laugh. We have realized so many things through this process and I can honestly say I have married my best friend, my soul mate and damn do we sure make a great team!

We started yesterday at like 4pm in San Jose getting ready to leave. We had ordered some snorkel gear for us to take to Bora Bora. But it didn’t arrive on time so we headed out without it. Sandi drove us to target last minute to pick up some snorkel stuff before we got to the airport. We got to SF checked our bags pretty easily, on time and ready to go. We got through security hassle free and realized when we got into our gate that our flight from SF to LAX was delayed from 7:50PM to 9:30 PM. This was ok because our connector flight to Tahiti didn’t leave LAX till 11:50PM. Ryan made many phone calls to try and insure that the flight would wait for us. We then boarded our flight around 9:20PM and waited. We were assigned to sit in row 23 but after talking to the flight attendant she let us move up to the front so that we could get off the plane quickly to hall ass to our next flight. Frustration kicked in the longer we sat on the plane…there was NO pilot for us. He was stuck coming from Dallas and had not landed yet. By time the Pilot got there and did all of his checks for the flight we left SF at 10:45PM with little hope to make it to our flight. We landed in LAX at 11:30ish and we got a glimpse of hope thinking if we get to our gate we can bolt over to the international terminal run through security and find our gate. By time our plane was on the ground and attached to the gate for us to get out, it was 11:45PM. Ry and I did what all crazies do…we split up! Ry stayed to talked to someone about trying to call and hold our flight and me, well I ran as fast as I could to get to our plane. The People would not call the gate that our flight was at to try and hold it for us. There was a couple from France trying to also get to Bora Bora for their honeymoon as well. I booked it from the Domestic side, then outside in pouring rain, to the international side, found security asked some people if I could cut in front of them. I turned around and let me tell you I’ve never been so relieved and excited to see my newly husband turn the corner into security. I shouted to the lady, “that’s my husband the guy with the curly hair.” (always gets back to his beautiful hair) ;) We took off our shoes, sweat shirts, emptied our pockets and continued through security, oh wait we then got selected to have to get the peeper creepo naked body scan. Of course Ry goes first and then me. Ry gets stopped and I get cleared through. Ry left his passport wallet in his pants…looked risky and we lost five more minutes. We didn’t know what gate we were going to so gut reaction we stayed to the left. Running as fast as we could, we could hear names being called over the loud speaker. I don’t think our names were called but then a security man said are you going to Tahiti we shouted Yes and he said the plane is still here you need to get to gate 136. Of course that gate was to the right and the farthest possible gate. Ry ran with the computer and I ran with the backpack and sweat shirts. My backpack opened somehow and my dear travel pillow fell out. Some guy picked it up and yelled to me I dropped it. Oh thank God. I fricken would have been bummed to loose my travel pillow. Ryan got to the gate at 12:20AM and the French couple made it there too. All four of us missed the flight!

Since it was after midnight everything was closing up if it wasn’t closed already. We went to American Airlines desk. Back through the rain to the Domistic side of the airport. They were not very helpful and actually quite rude. They would not comp a hotel and sent us on a wild goose chase for our luggage. Missing the Red eye flight to Tahiti caused us to also miss our flight and boat to Bora Bora.

Thank God my Brother Nick and Janice live in LA and could come get us. I called them and they came, I didn’t realize it would take us another hour plus to get things somewhat squared away. They would not give us our bags because they were being held as we had been booked on the flight today at 4PM. Ry helped the French couple book a hotel and get on their way too. Nick, Janice, Ry and I around 2AM headed back to their house for some shut eye.

We woke up today with much hope and well just praying today would work and we’d get to go on our much longed for amazing Honeymoon. Ry was in contact with our travel agent and everyone else too. He is quite the bad ass when it comes to organizing with people and getting shit planned. And well me, not so much. Nick picked us up around 11:45AM and took us to the airport. The Air Tahiti Nui desk opened at 12:05 which really didn’t end up opening till 12:20PM. We saw the French couple and they had already gone back and forth that morning figuring out stuff too. Once again Ry and I split up. I stayed in line in the International part of the airport and Ry ran back to the Domestic to talk to the American Airlines peeps. Our travel agent Ellen had called and they said we were not booked on the flight and the confirmation number we were given at 1AM didn’t exist. I prayed for a travel miracle and 15 minutes later Ry came back with two printed boarding passes for the flight to Tahiti. There was no flight tonight to Bora Bora so we will be staying the night in Tahiti in a Hotel and flying to Bora Bora I think at like 6AM. I sure do hope our luggage makes it back to us. If it doesn’t oh well…we both have a swimsuit packed in our carry on backpack.

I am typing this as we are sitting on our flight to paradise (FINALLY). We only really lost a day and a half in Bora Bora but we are just so blessed and grateful to be together and be safe and alive. The flight is going well, some turbulence but it’s ok. My husband (that’s still a trip to say) is reading his Star wars book on his new gadget, a kindle that he got a in March for his B-day from his mom and dad. I’m not sure what kind of wifi there will be and I’m sure it will cost a butt load. So this may be our only post. Love you and see you guys soon!

April 12th

WE MADE IT to Bora Bora!!! And OMG it is the most AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL place!!!!

Ry and I are having a blast! And spent most of the day being awe struck! We went on a Jet Ski tour, which was awesome, and went around all of Bora Bora. The pictures won’t do it justice. But we will try.

We are off to dinner...and let me just say I could get used to this honeymoon thing!

We are having the best time together! And we just feel so blessed!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Day After Valentine's Day!

Dear Ryan,

Happy Day After Valentines Day Babe!

I can't believe that our wedding is in like 44 days... I swear since the day I met you I felt like I already knew you. There was something there that was soo familiar to me and that was so comforting. You make me laugh and smile all the time. We have our billions of inside jokes and I think we even speak our own language sometimes. You make me feel like a Princess!

I cannot wait for our special day and I can honestly say I've loved this planning process with you! But man I will be happy when it is all done. You have been supportive through it all and you've have honestly given me everything and more. I love you more and more everyday, I will never stop loving you or wanting to be right by your side holding your hand.

You are my soulmate and I am so lucky that we met when we were so young. It has allowed us to grow not only as individuals but as a team. We have been with each other through many milestones. I love you with all my heart and soul and I cannot wait to watch our story continue and see where this adventure called life takes us.

Kissing you and hugging you is my FAVORITE!!!
This ring "is like a circle, it has no corners!" hahaha!

I look at this ring many times a day and just think how lucky am I to have you!! You are the perfect man for me! And I can fart in front of you and you laugh and say, "Whoa!"

This would not be a letter or conversation with me if it did not say fart or poop. haha!

I love you Babe to the moon and back!



Friday, February 10, 2012

A beautiful Winter day

So its February and it's supposed to be cold but since it was a gorgeous day I had all my kiddos painting outside. By far on of my favorite activities!
So precious! All of my 2 year olds totally engaged!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Sometimes the number 75 sounds like a lot and sometimes it doesn't.

You get a 75% on a test and thats a crappy score.

You have 75 cents in your pocket, that's not much.

You are driving 75 mph, that can be considered speeding and you might get pulled over.

If someone randomly gave you a $75 gift card, you'd be so excited because that is a lot of money.

If you are planning a wedding and your website says you have 75 days left, you might react like me.

Wow we still have a lot of time or maybe we don't.

Things are coming together very smoothly and I couldn't be more excited.

We just met up with the Caterers (who are totally awesome) and they are going to help us better meet our budget.

Also we got our wedding favors together for the most part. (Thank you Brigantinos!)

My Bridal Shower is coming up... (Thank you Auntie and Jena)

Also my Bachelorette party is around the corner...PRAY for snow! (Thank you Sandi, Jena and Jill for planning everything)

I CANNOT wait to go hang in a cabin with all my girls!

We are going to go meet our jeweler this weekend to get a ring for Ry and look into a wedding band for me.

We also are going to be meeting up with our priest next weekend.

And also will be going to check the hall to figure out details for decorations and such.

Our invitations will be going out in February and I'm so excited for everyone to see our website.

So we have 75 more days and I'm enjoying the planning and taking in day by day.

I have one favor to ask please don't tell my anytime soon that "we are running out of time" or "so much to do and so little time" nothing along those lines.

I can't wait to marry the love of my life! My best friend! My soulmate! My Ryan!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Engagement Party

So earlier this summer Ryan and I had an Engagement party and invited our close friends and family. It was so awesome to have our families hanging out, eating, playing volleyball, pillow polo, and slow pitch softball. With many athletes in the family everyone got pretty competitive. It was awesome and sooo Fun!
Here is a picture of all my girls Nadine, Megan, Dani, Me, Crystina, Jenn and Sandi (not pictured Rachelle)
I LOVE MY SIBS! Me (24) , Matt (26) , Jill (29) and Nick (31)
The first time all ten of us have been together. Everyone and their partners! All of them are great additions to the Leal Family! I look forward to so much with this group of friendly faces and open arms. I look forward to our upcoming weddings, holidays, celebrating birthdays, having babies and watching them grow up and play with their cousins and do the silly junk we used to do. I look forward to having my nieces and nephews spend the night and having all our little crazies camp out at grandma and grandpas house in our old bedrooms. :)
I could not be blessed with a more perfect amazing group of people to call family and the neatest part is I get to be part of the same thing in the Andrade family! I am so excited to finally make this all official and be an Andrade, although I'll always have the heart and break rules like a Leal! :) JK!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

And the weddings continue

So this weekend one of my coworkers got married.

It was very beautiful!

It was a Catholic wedding combined with some Filipino traditions also.

MaryJane and her husband Mark were glowing with love and happiness!

I had a great time but I missed my better half, RY!

Being engaged and being in the wedding planning phase I really felt like I was looking at the wedding with a different set of eyes.

I kept thinking things like I wonder how much they paid per plate, were the center pieces made by hand, and what the time line of the evening was, and what should mine be like.

I really do think weddings are so very special and I just want to get to spend time with everyone there.

The past 3 out of the 4 weddings I've been to, I've been in the wedding so it was nice to be a guest and be in the background.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall at more weddings so I could see the do's and don't's of a wedding.

Ryan and I have been slowly checking things off of the list, and it feels good!

Wedding update:

Today we designed a label for our favors! It is super cute!! :) Although I'm partially bias.

We will be meeting up with the caterer some day this week or next.

I have my DRESS!!!

I need to still call Father Rudy to meet up with him to figure out all the ceremony details.

I also made an invitation today, which was fun! It is simple and neat.

I have to go to Michael's to get paper and find an envelope that fits it too.

Ryan and I started doing them together but Ryan quickly got kicked of invitation making team!

Way to many questions and comments! haha!
I honestly think if it were up to him an evite would be the way to go. :)

Everything has been awesome and I can't imagine planing this with anyone else!

Ryan is my Best Friend and I love him soo much!

Cheers to a continued stress free wedding planning environment!

166 DAYS TO GO!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

My old and new kids.

OMG I miss my old class so much. I see them playing out on the school yard and some still come say hi to me and grab my leg and give me hugs. And some are over me and it breaks my heart. But I'm trying to be grown up about it. hahaha! I miss them! They will always have my heart being my first class! And I'm proud to say 11 out of 13 were potty trained by the end of the year! Think I've Aced the potty training phase!
These are my new kiddos minus 2 kids. I only have 10 which is awesome! They are so cute and filling my old kids shoes nicely! I have 7 boys and 3 girls, yes this means we play cars, trains and with balls for majority of the day. They are learning new words everyday and I'm getting back into the swing of changing diapers.

Cheers to another fun school year. At least this time around I kinda know what I'm doing, well more so than last year! :)